Founded in 2020

The history of Prometheus Nutrition is relatively simple. As true animal lovers, we want to do everything for your dog to be the healthiest and best version of himself. We spare no expense for our own health - we eat consciously, pay attention to the best quality supplements and round everything off with selected dietary supplements. Why shouldn't we put the same effort into feeding our dog? Let's be honest: nothing is too much for our loved ones..

Our goals

Our goals Being proactive about your dog's diet can be a total game changer. Because we know that having too many choices is often unsettling, we purposely kept ours simple. Sometimes less is more. With a carefully considered range, we would like to offer you exactly the essentials that your pet needs. Keep it short and simple!

Our Promise

We promise to offer only the highest quality dog products. When it comes to our children or pets, only the best is good enough - we are convinced of that. Our dog nutrition and products are carefully, safely and passionately manufactured in Germany. We do without unnecessary ingredients so that your pet gets all the good it deserves.

Our Name

Incidentally, the inspiration for our name comes from ancient Greece: Prometheus is considered the creator of humans and animals. Together with his brother Epimetheus, he created the animals and gave each one special qualities: he gave the small ones speed, the big ones strength. So everything stayed in balance. Then Prometheus formed his masterpiece - the human being. He gave him mind, culture and taught him how to deal with animals properly.